Sep 05, 2014

Now that Squawkin is out and the user numbers are climbing, we wanted to take a moment to thank the person who’s made all of this possible — our founder and CEO, Dean Glasse.

It was amazing to be with the team at Dean’s side early this morning and to watch the product of years of his hard work enter the world.  Dean has been watching the evolution of real-time communication for over a decade, all the while learning, tinkering in the true inventor’s style, building something that would outlast and outperform the legacy technology that virtually every big name in the space is still using.  We always say that Squawkin is built not just for today, but for tomorrow. That thinking permeates everything we do — it’s part of the ethos of this company from Dean on down.

Built for the future.  Well, now it’s a reality in the present.

We’ll talk more on this blog about Squawkin’s future, and the ways it’s different from other offerings out there.  For now, the most important thing to say is that our whole team is grateful to our forward-looking leader for the opportunity to be part of something this awesome.

Squawk on!

Nish (NishithBhatt)